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Buy School Shoes For Boys, Girls and Kids

Explore exclusive range of Grade School Shoes for Boys and school shoes for girls. Choose from the available options of colours and closures available in school shoes for kids. Buy school shoes online under 1000 on

What to look for in a school shoe

Whether you are looking to buy school shoes for boys, school shoes for girls or school shoes for kids, make sure they meet the listed requirements:

  • Comfort: Children wear school shoes for 6-7 hours at a stretch. They are on their feet for every activity be it study or games. So it becomes very mandatory that the shoes they are in must be super comfortable. GRADE memory foam school shoes provide maximum comfort to the feet.
  • Durability: Whether they are running or doing sports activities, the shoes should withstand the stress. A good pair of school shoes must last for a season at least.
  • Material: Comfort and durability discussed above are dependent on the material used. Low quality upper material and hard sole used in school shoes make them very heavy in weight. The only bad thing in these shoes is them being heavy in weight. Kids school shoes especially should be light weight school shoes.
  • Weight: Light weight school shoes should be the only preference. School shoes which are heavy in weight are made using low quality materials. Instead, go for light weight school shoes for boys, light weight school shoes for girls and light weight school shoes for kids.

Buy School Shoes Online

While buying boys school shoes online or girls school shoes online, you must follow these point:

  • Size: Choosing correct shoe size is very important. Check the UK size or EUR size in some other shoes that fit your kids feet. Or check the size chart in the school shoes listing and figure out the proper size.
  • Cushioning: Make up your mind about the level of comfort you want in your kids school shoes. If your want the most comfortable school shoes, go for Grade Memory Foam School Shoes without any doubt in your mind.
  • Shoes base/ Sole Material: The softness and durability of boys school shoes and girls school shoes depends on the sole material. Sole is the part of shoes that touch the ground while standing/walking. For soft and comfortable school shoes, go for EVA sole school shoes. For much greater durability, go for school shoes with rubber sole.

Why Grade School Shoes?

High on comfort: Grade Memory Foam School Shoes

Being one of the best school shoes brands in India, it’s very important for us to deliver what we promise. We engineered and designed our school shoes with Memory Foam technology which gives them the title of comfortable school shoes. We have strived to develop a durable and light weight school shoes for girls boys and kids.

Our school shoes collection includes black school shoes for boys,girls and kids & white school shoes for boys, girls and kids.

Our school shoes are highly preferred by customers who want comfortable and light weight school shoes. Comfortable and light weight school shoes can only be made if they are made with top quality.

When you buy school shoes online, make sure they are comfortable and light weight.

grade school shoes for boys girls children kids

How to clean school shoes:

Cleaning black school shoes and white school shoes is totally different. Use good quality black shoe polish to clean your black school shoes. To clean white school shoes, use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt. Washing white school shoes after an interval is usually recommended.

Grade Boys School Shoes

Our range of boys school shoes come in two colours (1) school shoes black (2) school shoes white. White shoes for school comes in lace and velcro closure. Boys school shoes black also comes in the same closure options (1) school shoes with velcro (2) school shoes with lace.

Grade Girls School Shoes

Our range of girls school shoes come in two colours (1) school shoes girl black and school shoes girl white. Girls school shoes white also comes in the same closure options (1) school shoes with velcro (2) school shoes with lace. School shoes for children also come in such variations.

Shine Everyday

Get her shoes for school girl to go with her new uniform and lead the class. Give him boys black school shoes to make sure he looks smart in a pair of kids school shoes. Let them grind and shine.

Shop for School Shoes Online

Whether you are looking for white school shoes, black school shoes, school shoes with velcro or school shoes with lace. Whether your child loves walking between classes to running around the playground. Grade Footwear is your best place to buy school shoes online to buy school shoes under 1000

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