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Grade Socks Shoes For Men – Socks Type Shoes

Socks Shoes for Men range from Grade is designed and engineered to pamper your feet with top notch comfort. The sock like shoes with memory foam are definite essentials for any shoe-closet.

It has been a long time since mens footwear got all-together a new design category. There are the regular sports shoes and then there are the bulky boots. A new shoes category was much needed. And then sock sneaker came to the rescue.

What are Socks Type Shoes?

Socks shoes are in general flyknit upper attached to the rubber sole. Flyknit or knitted upper comes in different shades and style.

socks shoes for men

These are the go-to sock shoes for men for special days. They’ll complete your outfit and give you the confidence you need to kick ass at work, dates, or your gig!

You have the advantage of wearing these shoes without socks. Our customers say that the like these shoes because there’s no need to tie laces while wearing or removing them. People sometimes call them without socks shoes.

Plus there is a good air inflow in these sock like shoes. This keeps the shoes fresh even if you wear them for long time.

We are pretty confident that you will brag about how cool these socks shoes look and how comfortable they are.

Can you wear these shoes without socks?

Yes, you can wear them without socks as the upper is made of flyknit, and there is full airflow inside the shoes.

Advantage of Socks Shoes for men?

Socks shoes have certain advantages:

  • No need to tie laces, just pull the sock sneaker in to wear and pull it out to remove. Slip them on & show them off
  • Very light in weight
  • You can wear these shoes without socks
  • Can be paired for casual, sporty or semi formal look.
  • No shoe bite: The seamless 3-D knit uppers don’t have any stitching, ensuring no shoe bites from day one.
  • Sock sneakers gives you the feeling of wearing just socks all day long.

Frequently asked questions on sock shoes mens:

Are the shoes washable?
Yes, you can wash them when you need to. Read care instructions for proper washing care.

Can I use it for walking?
Socks shoes for men suitable for everyday usage which includes casual wear, walking, office, party or any other purpose.

Does the elastic loosen up after some wearing?
With the best quality shoes upper used, we are extremely confident they don’t get loosen up.
6 months… 12 months….. 16 months… They show no loosening…

Are they comfortable?
It comes with Grade MEMORY FOAM Insoles, which make them super comfortable. Feels like walking on cloud!

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